Titus: Be Faithful – April 12

Overview of this week’s programs

Warren Wiersbe shares from Paul’s letter to Titus. It’s a small book of the bible, but it’s filled with wisdom for doctrine, leadership and relationships. So join us for our study of Titus and discover the importance of being faithful in your church, and in your everyday life!

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Titus: Be Faithful
Christians and the Government
Titus 3

How do you respond to a government that doesn’t honor God? It’s a question many Christians are asking today, but it’s one believers throughout history have had to grapple with. Warren Wiersbe helps us find practical answers for how to live as a godly citizen of this earth while still obeying our God in heaven!

Christians and the Government

by Back to the Bible Jamaica | Titus: Be Faithful

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